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Currently, the interest for Islamic schools is ever growing, but we are especially proud of the fact that WIA has been one of the most popular Islamic schools in the USA. The Islamic education is not so different from the general state curriculum, but we put a special emphasis on the Islamic culture and history.

There is no doubt that there is an urgent need for more Islamic schools in the Washington Metropolitan area. The few Islamic schools in this area do not meet the needs of the 250,000 Muslims living here. This high demand for Islamic schools made it necessary to establish The Washington Islamic Academy. This school will provide sound education that enables our children to preserve their Islamic identity. Muslims’ identity is challenged in the public schools and the society at large, where they face many challenges, such as substance abuse, teenage pregnancy, peer pressure, and lack of moral education

Islamic Academy

Washington State Islamic Academy –The Best Islamic School In The USA


The goal is to teach the students how to read simple books, but also to learn how to analyze them. 


We will learn the basic use of the computer. We will also use the computer as a tool to assist us in teaching certain mathematical as well as writing skills.


Our goal is to learn about people, cultures, and history in both Islamic world and other parts of the world. 


We use this unit to exercise.  Our exercises are designed to stretch muscles, promote toning, and improve the cardiovascular system.  We use a series of maneuvers used in ballet and aerobics.


Our goal in math is to learn about numbers but also how to write them, how to add, subtract, and eventually, how to multiply them. 


We will concentrate on using art in adjunct to all of our academic disciplines, as well as art in itself.  The purpose is to channel intuitive, creative ability from students, through color and different artistic medium. 

School Principal

Here you will get the opportunity to read more about our current director of the Washington State Islamic Academy and get all the necessary information about the head of this institution.

Dr. Saleh M. Nusairat

Dr. Saleh M. Nusairat is a native of Jordan. He completed his undergraduate studies in Jordan 1978. Soon after that he came to the USA and studied Applied Linguistics at SUNY at Stony Brook. After graduation1980, he returned to Jordan where he taught at Yarmouk University. Between 1981 and 1991 he worked at King Saud University as a Language Instructor. During that period, he co-authored a series of books on Arabic and Arabic Linguistics. In 1991 he joined the Institute of Islamic and Arabic Sciences in America where he taught Arabic as a foreign language. At the same time, Dr. Saleh enrolled as a Doctoral student in Curriculum and Instruction at Virginia Tech. In 1996, he volunteered as the President of Dar-Al-Hijrah Islamic Center in Falls Church, Virginia. In 1998 he moved to the United Arab Emirates and taught at Zayed University in Dubai and appointed later as an Educational Advisor and Head of Arabic and Islamic Studies at Al-Ittihad Private Schools in Dubai. Dr. Saleh traveled extensively and conducted workshops for teachers of all subjects in South Africa, USA, Saudi Arabia and UAE. Dr. Saleh participated in many conferences on Middle East issues, Language teaching, and Learning.

Contact Dr. Saleh Nusairal: principal@washingtonislamicacademy.com

Community Helpers

Everyone needs help at some point in their lives. That being said, it is often much more gratifying to be able to give help than to receive it. To all those who are willing and able to help in their community, we offer a solution. At our center, you will be able to get yourself introduced to all how you could help those in need and how you could get more active in helping the community. Remember that reaching out is important not just because you will help others, but because that is how communities work after all.

Home Science Fair – Our Experiences

Last March we have been a part of a Home Science Fair here in Washington, and we must say we have had a great time! Not just that we have been welcomed by the organizers, but we have also had so many visitors we have had the trouble to speak to every one of them. Nonetheless, we have tried to present our best achievements in this fair and had the loveliest time while doing so. We hope to come to this fair next year as well, both as presenters and visitors! Until next year visits our website for more information.

أباداللهخضراءهمابذللصديقكدمكومالك “Give your friends your money and your blood, but don’t justify yourself. Your enemies won’t believe it, and your friends won’t need it.” This Arabic saying summarizes not Arabic culture, but altruism altogether. It explains that your good deeds should not be explained or justified, because no such thing is needed. This proverb is powerful and preaches practicing humility among other things.

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