Goals expectations for first semester 1st grade

If you don’t know what to expect when enrolling in an Islamic school, do not worry! Here is the text which should clarify what to expect from each topic or subject in school.


The goal is to teach the students how to read simple books, but also to learn how to analyze them.  We will also learn how to write names, words, sentences, and small paragraphs in English and Arabic.  This will be accomplished through active word formation, combining consonant sounds with vowels sound, and connecting the phonetic sounds with each other.  In late October I will begin to make a vocabulary list of words that we come across in our beginning reading.  We should finish basic reading by the end of the semester, and then concentrate on speed through word and sound recognition by the end of the academic school year, at which point you should be able to use language independently.



The goal here is to teach the students about our solar system orbits of the moon around the earth, and of the earth and other planets around the sun, the length of a day, a month, and a year.  We will also study our custom-made earth, and how Allah has designed us, along with all of his creatures, to live on this very special planet. We will also learn about our environment and the weather.  We will continue to discuss the numerous and various creations of Allah, and how they affect us, and how we have affected the planet.  We will continue to learn, in our health science unit, about our bodies, and how certain parts of our bodies were created to conform to different aspects of our environment.  We will also discuss, as part of both our science unit, as well as our social studies unit, the theories as to why there are differences between people from different areas from around the world. This subject is theoretically made up from different sciences.



Our goal is to learn about people, cultures, and history in both Islamic world and other parts of the world.  We will combine some aspects of science weather patterns, and environment to discover why we look different.  We will continue to study the history of the United States, as well as Islamic History.  Other histories will be glanced over as well.  We will also study some aspects of human social behavior, and how we, as Muslims must get along with each other, as well as with other people that Allah has created.



Our goal in math is to learn about numbers but also how to write them, how to add, subtract, and eventually, how to multiply them.  We will learn about weights and measures, clocks and timers, and money and how to spend it.  We will also use manipulatives, such as M&Ms to add, subtract, and multiply, this should make math not easier but also fun and tasty!

ART – We will concentrate on using art in adjunct to all of our academic disciplines, as well as art in itself.  The purpose is to channel intuitive, creative ability from students, through color and different artistic medium.  The students are more excited and interested in their academic work when they are allowed to draw or color.  This helps them to feel that they had a hand in creating the assignment.


COMPUTER SCIENCE We will learn the basic use of the computer. We will also use the computer as a tool to assist us in teaching certain mathematical as well as writing skills.


PHYSICAL EDUCATION We use this unit to exercise.  Our exercises are designed to stretch muscles, promote toning, and improve the cardiovascular system.  We use a series of maneuvers used in ballet and aerobics.


MUSIC We will use music songs, etc. for both language arts, as well Assembly, every three Friday’s when everyone would be able to show off their musical skills.