Islamic Schools (USA)

You might think that finding an Islamic School in the USA would be difficult,

but it could not be further away from the truth!

In fact, there are numerousIslamic Schools from which you could choose, and if you would like your children to attend one of these schools, you will be able to find the one which suits all your needs. There are many Islamic Schools in the USA, and all of them have the necessary curriculum which was reviewed by the state, so the education that your child will be getting is within the national framework. What is different, however, is that apart from teaching all the regular subjects, Islamic schools also teach Islamic culture and history.

Washington Islamic Academy, Virginia
Al-Amal School, Minneapolis
Al-Huda School, College Park, Maryland
Al-Salaam School, St. Louis, Missouri
Al-Ihsan Islamic School, Syracuse, New York
Al-Qalam School, Springfield, Virginia
Al-Hedayah Academy, Fort Worth Texas
American Islamic Academy, Dearborn, Michigan
An-Noor Islamic School, Wichita, Kansas
Brighter Horizon School, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Clara Mohammed School, New York, New York
Claremont Islamic School, Pomona, California
Crescent View Academy, Aurora, Colorado
Darul Uloom Al Qasimia, Shamokin, Pennsylvania
Iman Academy, Houston, Texas
Islamic Academy of Florida, Tampa, Florida
Islamic Academy of Riverside, California
Islamic Academy of Virginia, Richmond, Virginia
Islamic Foundation, Villa Park, Illinois
Islamic Education Center in Manassas, Virginia
Islamic School of Greater Kansas City, Missouri
Islamic School of Portland, Oregon
Muslim Community School, Potomac, Maryland
MET Islamic School, Portland, Oregon
New Horizon School, Los Angeles, California
Pleasant View School, Memphis, Tennessee
Salam, Sacramento
Silicon Valley Academy, Sunnyvale, California
Universal School, Bridgeview, Illinois